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Firetower is passionate about providing support that is designed to help our clients become better aware of who they are and what they have to offer in whatever coaching context they may find themselves placed in.

Firetower's offer is to support the client in whichever direction they discover is the best one for them to take by using a variety of different coaching styles and approaches all tailored to the client and designed to foster development.

Anyone interested in being coached has the capacity to grow from the experience and Firetower will work hard to help clients to discover that they have the means to do so from within themselves. Firetower strives to be inspirational and creative in its approaches with clients and will find ways to enable them to successfully move forward at each and every stage of the coaching process.

We offer expert, tailored coaching and mentoring services to meet your needs including:

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Executive Coaching

Our coach is trained to ILM level 7 standard in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. She also has a NLP diploma. Prior to training to coach, she had extensive experience of assisting strategic senior leaders gained over many years working in the labour market. She is knowledgeable, trained and skilled and can help senior leaders to successfully deal with any issue however sensitive or business-critical it may be.

Firetower will explore business, personal and other developmental topics with the senior manager client in order to improve focus, help them to identify and deliver on leadership strategy and enhance individual and organisational performance. Executive coaching can include many variants as it is entirely defined by the senior leader's business needs and their situation.

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Business Coaching

In this process, coaching is provided to an employee, either as an individual within their team or within the wider organisation for which they work. Sometimes it will be both. The key purpose here is to secure improved business performance and strengthen the effectiveness of the organisation by working with the employee(s) being coached to develop their skills, self-awareness and confidence.

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Personal / Life Coaching

Firetower supports clients in all kinds of personal or life-related matters, coaching for specific issues or simply to clarify their issues, prepare for one-off performance-related events or plan for a significant change in direction. The key aims are to improve performance, self-motivation, planning skills and self-awareness, all of which are likely to be focused on during the coaching process. Personal coaching can include many variants as it is entirely defined by the client's personal needs and their situation.

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Speciality / Niche Coaching

This is similar to personal coaching. In this process the coach works with the client on more specific areas e.g. stress at work, confidence building, specific skills development or motivational issues. It can also include the coach working to enhance a specific section of the community e.g. people with disabilities, professional groups, people from under-represented groups or young people.

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Coaching for creativity

This is personal coaching with a focus on unblocking and further developing the client's creativity. Firetower will explore with the client any self-beliefs that may be blocking creative activities and limiting their expression. We will also help the client to develop strategies to overcome these by looking at creative methodologies and how the client could apply these to their work.

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Group Coaching

This uses the same approach as personal coaching. In this process the coach works with a group of individuals helping them to move towards a common goal within their group. It can also be used to build a coaching culture within an organisation so that members of the group will be able to co-coach each other in due course. The key aim here is to build a team ethos that allows all members to support and develop each other at a later stage. It can also be used as a supplement to other team-building activities by exploring group issues in a safe and team-orientated environment.

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Equality and Diversity Training

Firetower Coaching actively promotes equality and diversity in all activities undertaken. This translates directly into the coaching experience offered and underpins the work being done with clients. Firetower can also provide bespoke group training on developing equality and diversity in a workplace or organisation that is constructive and accessible to participants. Please contact us if you would like to explore this further.

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Conflict Resolution Coaching

Firetower has excellent skills and experience in using coaching skills to successfully resolve conflict within the workplace. Our coach has engaged in coaching support designed to help organisations and individuals to successfully resolve conflict regularly for many years. She has experience in dealing with every day workplace conflict issues and has often also assisted with this process at exceptionally high levels as a common part of her professional experience prior to gaining her coaching qualifications. She is able to apply her strong coaching skillset to individual conflict situations and to groups experiencing conflict to help them to positively resolve their issues. Please contact us if you would like to explore this further.

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