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Lighthouse and compass rose - the Firetower logoWelcome to Firetower Coaching and Development Consultants offering expert, tailored coaching and mentoring services to meet your needs.

Firetower Coaching also offers bespoke coaching and development packages - for details please contact us with an outline of what you are seeking.

Whatever you or your organisation are looking for, Firetower will provide valuable advice and support and a top-quality coaching experience. Feedback is proactively encouraged and Firetower expects all its clients to be active in their progress when working with them.

Free Telephone Conversation To Make Sure Firetower Is Suitable For You

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Firetower believes it is important that the client's needs are effectively served in the coaching or mentoring that is undertaken. To ensure this is covered, you can book a free 30 minute telephone call with our coach to ensure both parties understand what you are looking for and make sure Firetower is a good fit for meeting your needs

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Coaching Or Mentoring - What's The Difference?

There is sometimes confusion around the definitions of 'coaching' and 'mentoring'. Some people use these terms as if they are inter-changeable. However, there are important differences between the two activities.

Coaching works with clients to achieve a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. It means working with someone to develop their learning, development and how they think.

Mentoring is focused around specialist knowledge or experience gained in a particular area that can help a client develop and grow into a new role or a significant life change. It focuses on the mentor providing the benefits of their wisdom and insights based on their own knowledge and experience within a particular area.

There can be considerable overlap between the two. Coaching tends to be less directive than mentoring, although every coach or mentor also has their own style. Firetower offers both coaching and mentoring support and will be clear with clients which process is being used during sessions with clients where relevant. Coaching may sometimes move into a mentoring role where the coach feels the client needs this and has the appropriate professional expertise, although we will mainly focus on coaching activities.

Firetower does offer mentoring as a stand-alone activity, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs if you are not sure which approach you are really looking for.

Why Engage In Coaching Or Mentoring With Firetower?

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In the past, using coaching and mentoring support was sometimes seen as a negative thing to do. This was largely because it was associated with remedial action rather than providing the true, tailored development to individuals or organisations that clients are generally looking for. It was often seen as a process that was non-essential for successful people and it could also be perceived as slightly odd, in the UK in particular.

In more recent years, this situation has changed dramatically as many organisations have begun to see the benefits of good-quality coaching in terms of its outcomes. There are also many individuals seeking activities to support their personal growth in all kinds of different areas.

There is now empirical evidence of the benefits of good quality coaching that can be seen as an increasing number of studies into coaching's effectiveness are undertaken. It is now well understood that coaching and mentoring activity delivers clear outcomes that are positive and enduring, whether this is on an individual or an organisational level.

Good coaching is focused on the active development of skills, knowledge and personal growth combined with excellence around goal-setting and effective reviewing processes. This is what Firetower offers to its clients.

Working with Firetower, you will discover a straightforward, practical and transparent coaching process that identifies the client's specific goals clearly, that reviews these with the client regularly and that fully engages the client as an integral part of the work done.

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