Firetower Coaching


The following comments have been received from people that Firetower has worked with

Speech bubbles with complimentary phrases"You have coached me from the start without me even realising! This is your special skill, the ability to 'read' a person or situation without seeming to, you are intuitive and empathetic - the perfect coach."

"Visualisation technique you taught me was a life-saver."

"Just to say thank you for your coaching on Wed. It made me clear on what I really wanted job wise."

"I have found Fiona to be an excellent motivator, her own enthusiasm and work ethic is second to none, and this inspires those around her, not only the individuals and team she manages, but across the wider work environment."

"As my line manager, Fiona was able to develop me as an individual. Even though I had been in my role for a number of years, due to Fiona's encouragement, I was able to continue to progress, and not stagnate in my role."

"I have found from particular experience, an exceptional quality of Fiona's is personal coaching which has enabled me to sustain my self-confidence and self-belief at work, during a particular challenging life event."

"Fiona has a wealth of knowledge, and she was always there for you, and is never judgemental, and this makes her a very credible leader of people."

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