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Fiona is a confident and experienced coach, having applied these skills to every professional role she has ever undertaken since she left university. Throughout her career, she has coached and mentored peer colleagues, junior colleagues, middle managers and senior managers alike, on a formal and informal basis.

Her interest in coaching, mentoring and people-development activity has been extensive and life-long. She has worked with all kinds of organisations across the public, third and private sectors and with people at all levels from a very diverse range of backgrounds.

Fiona has extensive experience in training and development work with adults and has worked with groups of all sizes as well as with individuals. She has devised and run training courses, has delivered course programmes devised by organisations and has worked with people individually as a regular part of her work, which continues to date.

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As a result of the areas in which she has worked (predominantly social care and the trade union movement) Fiona has acquired exceptionally high-level experience in managing difficult behaviours, engaging in challenging conversations to facilitate change and undertaking successful conflict resolution processes.

Through her work, Fiona has developed particularly strong skills in enabling, empowering, empathy, relationship building and authentically collaborative approaches, all of which she brings to her coaching and mentoring work.

Fiona is very passionate about coaching for diversity as an integrated part of her work. In her professional life, she has always worked in roles for organisations working to support and assist their stakeholders and she is now looking to further her coaching activities on a more formalised level.

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